Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3 "My Fall TV Schedule"

Here's Thirteen TV Shows I can't wait to start again in the Fall:
(Some I really love & some I'm willing to give another try)

1....Survivor (I don't know why but I love Survivor!)
2....The Amazing Race (didn't watch the past couple seasons, but may start again)
3....Brothers & Sisters (I really like this show!)
4....Desperate Housewives (a silly show, but I kinda like it)
5....Dirty Sexy Money (kind of a weird name for a show, but it was really a good show!)
6....Eli Stone (Yea! I'm glad they're bringing this back - it's a really good show that I got into last year)
7....Medium (I love this show, but hate that it's not coming back until maybe January?)
8....ER (I've watched it on & off since it started(this will be yr. 15!) and this is the last year! So I want to see how they wrap it all up)
9....American Idol(last season was really the 1st yr. I got into it. I love David Cook! Don't know if they can top that, but I'll watch to see. Not sure when new season starts?)
10...Dancing with the Stars(didn't watch much last time, I'll give it a try again)
11...House (I know everyone loves House! I have just watched a few on repeats maybe I'll try to watch more. The one's I did see I liked)
12...Men in Trees(I hope it's coming back, I really like this show - didn't see it on the ABC fall line up though! Arrgh!)
13...Life on Mars(this is actually a new show this year - I saw some previews of it - it looks like it might be pretty good)

Well that's some of the shows I'll be watching - let's just hope there's not another strike - like last year!

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