Saturday, August 2, 2008

PhotoHunt 121 (3): 'CLOUDS'

This weeks Photo Hunters theme is :

I knew as soon as I saw the
Clouds between the mountains of Crawford Notch, NH where I just was on my camping trip last week, that these would be great pictures for the theme of Clouds.

My son actually took all these pictures. He got a camera for his birthday last month. That is what he wanted. He actually got money from everyone and wanted to buy a camera with it. He picked out a Nikon CoolPix. (He has a better camera then me now -lol!)

These pictures really capture the mountains &
Clouds. Don't you think? I think he may be a budding photographer!

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Your son did an excellent job taking those pictures. What a pretty place you were at. I think the pictures catch the clouds and mountains really well. Hope your son has lots of fun with his new camera. :-)

  2. Beautiful shots! Your son is a very talented photographer.

    Cascia @ Healthy Moms

  3. My son loves his camera too, really into using b&w film lately.
    These are great shots and what a beautiful place to have been camping. My PH is posted.

  4. Wow what beautiful photos! Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunters today! :)

  5. Gorgeous shots. Your son is talented!

  6. My kids love to take photos, too. I let them use my little Canon Power Shot A520.

    Your soon took some nice shots of the valley.

  7. Beautiful natures photos very nice entry..

  8. Sue, my parents took me to Crawford Notch, NH when we were kids... I have a soft place in my heart for it. Great photos tell your son! :)

  9. It's a good thing for a young generation to love the natures..

  10. Wow! So pretty! Great photos. I'm glad that your son is into photography - seems like all my friend's teenagers could care less about anything other than video games, the internet, and the opposite gender.