Friday, August 29, 2008

Could You Make The Same Choice?

I don't post too many video's on here. But thought I would share this with you. I first saw this the other day on the blog This Side of Eternity.

Also, if I see a video on someone's blog, I don't always take the time to watch it. But for some reason I watched this one. This is a very powerful and moving video, that really got me thinking. Also, I hate to admit it but I have not been a very religious person in the past few years. But regardless, I really felt something when I watched this video. But I'm not sure if I could or would make the same choice as the man in the video did.

If you have the time please watch this video to see what I mean. Let me know what you thought, or what you would do. Thanks.


  1. This video brings tears to my eyes - it is so sad, yet it is so true. Thanks for sharing it and reminding me of the sacrifice God made for us.

  2. Thanks Sheryl for stopping by. It was a sad video. I can't stop thinking about it.