Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Olympics

I usually love the Olympics. But this time around I'm not 100% thrilled with them. It's mostly the way they are being covered by NBC.

I mean come on, how much volleyball do they need to show? Is it me or did they show tons of volleyball? Every time I turned it one it was some kind of volleyball. Last night they had two hours or more of uninterrupted Men's Beach volleyball. I mean I would like to see something else!

They hyped up this BMX bike racing and barely showed any of it. My kids even wanted to see it. But they didn't even show it until almost 11 o'clock last night, so they didn't get to see it. Then they only showed it for about 10 minutes! Only to switch over to volleyball! What's up with that?

And this morning the kids and I were watching it and they started showing the Decathlon. They had on the Discus. We were like cool, I could get into this. About two minutes later they switched to something else and said we'll get back to this later. Well we never got to see the rest. Why can't they just stick with one thing for more then two minutes at a time? (except volleyball)

Any one else feel this way? I love the Olympics but I just feel like they could do a better job on the coverage. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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