Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5 "13 Reasons I love New Hampshire"

I grew up in Massachusetts. And lived there all my life, until my husband, son, and I (I was actually about 6 months pregnant with my daughter at the time) moved to New Hampshire. I've been living in New Hampshire for almost 9 years. And I love it. So here are (not in any particular order) :

Thirteen Things I love about New Hampshire

1....Tax Free State (no sales or income tax - love it!)
2....The Mountains (We're the "Granite State")

3....The Lakes

4....The Oceans (if you want the ocean, you can get to that too in NH, one of the most popular ones is: Hampton Beach)
5....The attitude (Our State motto is: "Live Free or Die!")
6....The Schools (I love my kids schools and they have great public schools in my city/state)
7....The country feel to the state (living in Massachusetts is more city like. Here it feels more country - if you know what I mean)
8....Affordable living (not so much right now - lol! But originally that was one of the main reasons for buying a house in NH over MA, was because the house prices are better in NH - and still are compared to MA, other things are cheaper here too.)
9....The Driving (again - compared to MA - which is crazy driving. Here in NH it is more laid back and you don't get that "road rage feeling" I remember getting driving in MA)
10....The Crime Rate (We have crime in NH - duh. But when I watch my local news most of it is about fires, and bank robberies, sometimes they even have stories about lost dogs - not kidding, not so much about murders and more serious crime)
11....I love the city I'm living in - in NH (My city was actually voted the number one city in the country to live 2 times in previous years.)
12....The History (NH is rich in history as one of the first States in the nation. And even today still boasts of being "The First in the Nation" when it comes to the Presidential Primaries.)
13...The People (the people here are very friendly. Even my sister who lives in MA, when visits said so. People actually say "Have a good day," "Hi," "How are you today," etc.)

So that's why I love where I live and probably will live here for awhile. That is unless I win the Powerball and move somewhere warmer - lol!

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