Friday, August 29, 2008

Breitling Watches from The Watchery

If you're looking for a nice watch, then you should check out Breitling watches. They have some really beautiful watches. They also have a huge selection of them. Here is a picture of one that I thought was nice.

Breitling watches are of the finest quality. This one is a Men's Two Timezone Automatic Chronograph watch. It is platinum with a black dial on a black strap. This watch is fitted with the 'slide rule' aka 'navigation computer' which allows to compute different airborne calculations such as fuel consumption, climbing times & converting miles into nautical miles or kilomters.

The Watchery is now having some great deals on Breitling Watches. For example if you purchase the one shown above you will save 25% off of it. You will also receive free shipping in USA.

Also some of the watches qualify for the Watchery Giveway. If you want to purchase the one shown above, for example, you will be able to get 80% off of a second watch. You can choose from a large selection of watches, and get them at a special savings of 80% off.

So if your looking for a quality watch, check out The Watchery and get a great deal on a Breitling watch

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