Monday, August 18, 2008

Highlights of My Recent Camping Trip

Here's a run down of my recent camping trip to Greenfield State Park, NH

Monday: Raining when we left around noon time. Arrived at campground and was still raining. Set up everything, in the rain. Stopped raining. Made lunch and then was not raining when we decided to go down to the camp store and look at the beach. Store was closed. Looked at beach and decided it was nice enough for kids to go in. Went back and changed into bathing suits (not me - lol.) Kids splashed around in water for about an hour. Went back and was around dinner time, still wasn't raining. After dinner wanted to start a campfire. Started pouring! My husband tried to get a fire going. The wood was wet to begin with and was no use because it was raining to much. Everyone went to bed early. Rained buckets all night! Didn't sleep good because the rain hitting the camper can be very loud.

Tuesday: Woke up after a somewhat sleepless night. Was cloudy but not raining. Had breakfast, I think it started drizzling. Cleared up enough to go to beach later. Kids were able to swim for awhile. Decided to go back up and get lunch. After lunch seemed like the rain was over, nice and sunny. The kids and I rode our bikes down to the beach, while my husband drove the car with all our stuff in it. My husband and I were going to fish, while the kids swam. Everything seemed fine. All of a sudden I heard rain coming, you could here it coming towards you from across the woods. Next thing you know it is pouring! We had tons of stuff spread out on the beach. We ran for the car! I only carried two fishing poles, the kids ran for the car. There was thunder & lightening. My daughter is very afraid of it. My husband had no choice but to go back and get the rest of the stuff. My daughter was crying not just because she was scared of the thunder & lightening but because she didn't want her Daddy to get hurt. He had to go back and get the bikes and she was like just leave the bikes. I don't need my bike, she said I just need my Daddy! He survived and got everything to the car. But was drenched. It slowed down eventually but rained a little for the remainder of the day.

Wednesday: Woke up to partly cloudy skies. Only rained a little in the afternoon. And at least the sun was out off and on! Went swimming most of the day. Only in the low 70's all day. The kids didn't mind, but in order for me to go swimming I need it a lot hotter!

Thursday: The best out of all the days. Sunny and nice all day. One thing happened Thursday that was kind of funny. Thursday night around 1 AM I heard something out side the camper digging around. I woke up my husband who then carefully proceeded to check outside. He got the flashlight and was looking around when he saw some Raccoons! Now mind you we keep some food in what we like to call the "Food tent." We've been doing it for years, we have a little almost like kids tent and we store our food in there. The only time we don't is when we went to places that said there where "Bears." But at Greenfield State park, there is no worry of bears, so we always keep the food in a tent. But this time some Raccoons discovered the tent and actually broke through the top of the tent and were inside eating our food! I guess not only do they like bread, but they appear to like marshmallow's! Because they ate a bunch of them. So my husband had to shoo them off, which wasn't easy and he really didn't want to mess with them to much. But they finally went away. So luckily it was our last night there because the stupid Raccoons ate a bunch of our food and luckily it wasn't at the beginning of the week when there would have been more food to eat. (Also that's the end of the "food tent." Will be keeping the food in the car from now on!)

Friday: Pack up and go home! Sometimes we will get everything packed and go to the beach for a little while on the last day. But usually the kids are pretty tired by that time, and just want to go home. So this time they didn't even want to go to the beach they just wanted to go home.

A few other things we did there: fishing, every morning go down to a pond behind our site and catch frogs! Lots of frogs down there, you can catch them in a net and then realease them. Rented a canoe, and went around the Lake (Otter Lake it's called), fished off the canoe. Picked alot of blueberries. The bushes there were loaded with them, seems like a great year for blueberries!

Unfortunately the weather wasn't as great as it could have been, but we still had a pretty good time. And figures this coming week looks great - in the 80's and no rain. Oh well - that's camping! (Below are a few pictures I took)

My son at the campsite:

This is actually the pond where we catch frogs called Hogback pond:

My daughter swimming in the lake called Otter Lake:


  1. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for sharing your recent camping trip with us. Glad you were able to still have a good time, even though it rained. Looks like a beautiful place you were at. I have never been to a beach before, that would be a fun experience. I just love to look at the water. Nice pictures! :-)

  2. The picture of the pond is beautiful. Sounds like you made the most of it. Raccoons are little buggers, they have little hands that can get into anything, don't ask how I know ;)

  3. Your camping trip sounds like so much fun, I think I'd really like to do that sometime. I've never been camping, although my one sister goes all the time since she remarried. I think I'd really enjoy it except for missing my cats and indoor plumbing!

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. Robin & Karen you should definitely try camping. It's a blast. Also Beth I guess you know what I'm talking about with the raccoons, you must have had experience with them!