Saturday, August 30, 2008

PhotoHunt 125 (7) "Beautiful"

This weeks Photo Hunters theme is "beautiful." Here is my photo. Which I just spent hours trying to find on my computer. I have a bunch saved in my photos, but now my computer keeps saying they can not be located on the computer. I found this one. Which is a beautiful rose bush I used to have. Key word used to. This is the "Hundred Year Old Rose Bush."

Here's the "Hundred Year Old Rose Bush" story:

Supposedly this was originally my great-grandmother's rose bush. It grew in Vermont. My grandmother inherited it and transplanted it to Massachusetts. When my grandmother died, and they were selling her house (which I lived in for 5 years before she died) the rose bush was almost left behind. I moved to New Hampshire and did not at first take the rose bush with me. Until my Aunt told me that I better go back and get that rose bush, because it was a "Hundred Year Old Rose Bush!"

At the time, that was the last thing I felt like doing. I was 6 month pregnant at the time, also having a 3 year old to deal with. I had just moved and was trying to deal with all that. But my Aunt insisted that this was a very special rose bush and I couldn't leave it behind. So my husband went back and dug it up. We then planted it in our front yard in NH.

There for years it bloomed, with beautiful yellow roses! Seeming to have more beautiful roses then it ever did at the old house it was at. It didn't get enough sun where it used to be, and I thought I had found the perfect spot for it. One year I remember counting over 20 roses on it through out the season.

Then one day the beautiful rose bush was no more. It died :( One spring it looked brown and dead. I waited and waited to see if any roses would bloom. But the bush grew browner and browner. I guess it was because the roots must have frozen. We had a very rough winter that year, and the rose bush did not survive. "What have I done?," I thought. I killed the "Hundred Year Rose Bush!"

So that is the story of my beautiful roses above. This rose bush supposedly lived for 100 years, until I got a hold if it! Sorry Grammy!

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  1. I love roses. This is perfect! I love the story behind the "Hundred year old rose bud". the ending is sad though. but I think that is life. come and see mine if you have time.

  2. A beautiful yellow rose!!!! I enjoyed reading the history of the "Hundred Year Old Rose bud" though it has a sad ending. please visit mine.

  3. Roses are SO beautiful and I never tire of looking at them.

    I did Photo Hunt today, too. :)

  4. Rose are indeed beautiful and special. Sorry to hear the bush did not continue to thrive but I'm sure it gave joy to many over the years.

    (Thanks for the visit and comments - Much appreciated)

  5. I love roses! all colors of roses.

    here's mine. Thanks.