Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # - 4 "Back to School"

Thirteen Pros & Cons about the kids going back to school next week:


1. They're fighting more, everyday.

2. They are getting bored.

3. It will be good for them to have some structure in their day again.

4. They will be able to see their friends, and interact with other people besides me and each other.

5. The house won't be such a mess all the time!

6. They won't eat me out of house and home everyday!

7. It will be good for them to get back to learning.

8. Less tv, computer and sitting around doing nothing time.

9. I can go to the grocery store by myself again!

10. Don't have to come up with some fun & exciting thing for them to do every day.

11. I won't have to be the referee, cook, waitress, entertainer, etc. ..... - 24/7!


12. Have to buy school supplies, backpacks, maybe some shoes, etc. Which I don't feel like buying and don't want to pay for - lol.

13. It means summer is pretty much over.

Well it looks like the Pro's outweigh the Con's so I guess I'm ready for back to school, even though I know they're not!

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  1. Well, look at it like this - for at least seven or eight hours a day you have a babysitter and do not have to worry about the kids and can pamper yourself!

    You can visit my TT here.

  2. Great list. Hope it all goes smoothly!

    Thanks for the kind comments about my granny!

  3. I like this list because it helps me to not dread the boys going back so much...just refer to my T13 and you'll see what I mean. Happy t13.

  4. It's nice to see this list. I don't feel ready for my daughter to start school, where has the summer gone?

  5. Tell me about it, I cannot WAIT for school to start!!!

    PS. Did you get the book yet?

  6. I loved your pros! Funny, because my latest post is about going back to school too...and I sure tried to bring out the pros! Sometimes those cons just can't be helped :)