Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Camping Again

I will be camping again starting Monday - until Friday. I feel like that's all we've been doing. But school starts in only 16 days. I think it's too early! Aug. 26th my kids start. What happened to after labor day?

But anyway we are camping again. This time at Greenfield State Park, NH. This is our favorite campground. And we go there at least once a year. I'll have some pictures when I get back and do a more in depth post on it when I get back.

Let's just hope the weather holds out. Please!!! Just a little sun would be nice. We have had so much rain here it's pathetic. I keep checking the weather channel, and on my computer, and the forecast is not very promising. It shows T-Showers, Scattered T-Showers, and Isolated T-Showers for pretty much the whole time!

Oh well we'll see what happens. Maybe it won't be so bad. Or maybe we'll be home early - lol. See you Friday (or sooner - weather depending.)


  1. Rain or not, camping sounds like fun. I haven't been in years, and didn't realize that I miss it!

  2. I hope you have some nice weather! That is the biggest reason I moved to CA from Upstate New York. The summer I left, it rained for 6 weeks, yuck! Happy camping :)