Saturday, August 9, 2008

PhotoHunt 122 (4) "Dark"

The theme for this weeks Photo Hunter's is "dark." Hmm, that's kind of a tuffy. If you have a picture that's dark or too dark what would you really see?

I wasn't 100% sure about this one, but then I saw these pictures my son took on our last camping trip.

Every night when it gets dark, we have a campfire. Wow these photos came out cool! It being so dark out, really shows off the campfire. My son is like my new photographer!

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  1. Love the campfire photos. Your son has a good eye.

  2. Great idea to use camping..
    Happy Weekend. Michelle-
    Rambling Woods

  3. Your son got talent..perfect shot for this week theme :)

  4. I always love gathering around the campfire, especially if it is just a little bit chilly. Good captures. The flames came out great with all the dark around.


  5. this is cool. I might try getting a fire photo sometime :D