Friday, August 8, 2008

Why is Jay Leno Retiring?

It was announced recently that Jay Leno will be retiring from the Tonight Show, next May. And Conan O'Brien will be replacing him. This deal has been in the works for years. Jay Leno was supposed to step down I think this year but he wanted to keep going. Now I guess next year will be his last year.

I was hoping he would put it off even longer. Come on now, he's only 58! I guess it's not like he needs the money or anything but he's still pretty young and could go a few more years. I mean Johnny Carson was like 67 years old when he retired.

I like Conan ok, I actually don't watch him much because he's on later. But I do watch Jay. Not every night but when I do stay up that late he is who I watch. In my younger days, I loved Johnny Carson and back then after was David Letterman. I used to love David Letterman. And then when it became Letterman vs. Leno, somehow I switched over to Leno. I guess I'm getting old and prefer his sense of humor over Letterman's now.

One of my favorite things Jay does is "Jaywalking." It is so funny, he asks people on the street questions, that every elementary school kid should know. And these people are so dumb they can't even answer the simplest questions! Sometimes they bring in the top 3 "Jaywalkers" and have like a Jeopardy type contest with them. That is a riot!

Here's a clip of "Jaywalking" they had on the recently:

I'll have to wait and see how Conan does, but it's not going to be the same. He's kind of goofy! I'll miss you Jay!

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  1. I did not know that he was retiring. I do not watch much tv. But that is a shock I guess when you make that kinda money you make the rules!

    I love the jaywalking thing too. But how sad is it that people do not know such information? I mean I am no Einstein (had to spell check that! LOL)but come on these are the basic current events. Very Sad!