Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


The kids are on vacation this week. Why when they have school I have to drag them out of bed? But on vacation they get up earlier then they even would when they have school!

Yesterday we went to Walmart. My daughter had brought a little toy of hers with her. She thought she had left it in the car. On the way home from the store she said she couldn't find it. When we got home I searched the whole car. I told her to look in her coat pockets. She said it wasn't in there. Against my better judgement, I drove all the way back to Walmart. I thought it may have fallen out of the car in the parking lot. I searched where we had parked, looking under other peoples cars. Felt kind of weird about doing that. Didn't find it. Came all the way back home and checked her coat pockets myself. And it was in one of the pockets!

I bought some toothpaste. I had tried a sample of Crest pro health toothpaste, and liked it. My son liked it too. When I got home I realized I had bought "cinnamon flavor!" I wanted regular flavor. Why do they make all these different flavors, and why does anyone want cinnamon flavor toothpaste? It's actually ok, but I don't think I'll buy it again.