Sunday, February 15, 2009

Girl Scout Cookie Mix Up

I picked up my cases of Girl Scout cookies, yesterday, from our troop leader. I didn't feel like dealing with organizing any of them until today. When we finally got around to figuring out who gets what cookies, there seemed to be a mix up.

While I was doing all the figuring out, of course my kids wanted to help out. So as I was putting say Joe's cookies together, I'd tell them I need 1 box of Thin Mints, 1 box of Tag-alongs, etc. To put every one's order together. The kids got a little over excited by the whole thing, and it was starting to get a little confusing.

Next thing you know, I was at the end of the list and had like 4 boxes of various cookies left. And a whole case of Thin Mints left over! My husband got home from the store, and he went over the whole thing again. We accounted for the 4 extra boxes. I missed a few people that should have gotten these with their orders.

But there was no mistaking the fact that I had a whole case of Thin Mints that didn't go to anyone. I ended up calling the troop leader. And she was pretty taken aback by it. She was like are you sure? I told her that we checked and double checked, and I'm sure there was a mistake.

I felt bad for the troop leader, because now she is going to have to figure out what happened. Some how someone else in our troop must be missing some Thin Mints. I'll find out later this week from her if she figured out what happened.

There was no way I was about to take those extra cookies. Number one I don't want to pay for those. And number two I don't need to be having any more cookies in the house. We'd need to get some
Hydroxycut reviews if we kept all those cookies!


  1. Oh no!!
    I hope this doesn't happen to me!
    I'm the 'cookie mom' for one of my daughter's troop.
    I hope I get EVERYONES orders straight!!

  2. If it's anything like my sister's daughter's troop, they have to order cookies by the full case, so she has several boxes of 5 different cookies left over. She just picked up 62 cases and took 4 hours sorting them....


  3. I'm cookie mom and its a pain, girl!!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope they figure out who the cookies go to.

  5. oh yes, the GS cookies are in. I guess it's time to up the workout routine to start burning my issues with eating just one.....of each! Cookie moms, I admire your patience. Did it once and that was plenty for me.

  6. I ate a sleeve of Thin Mints 2 days ago. Thank goodness I am pregnant and can write it off to that!!!