Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - School Bus


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This is my first time , but thought I'd join in.

  • I am so mad right now! I just got back from my daughter's bus stop. It is starting to get like "Lord of the Flies" down at the bus stop. Why do these other kids that wait down there have to be such jerks?

  • Why isn't there every any other parents waiting down there? Except me and one other lady, and her kid is the only other good kid down there.

  • All the other kids that are jerks, of course their parents aren't any where in sight.

  • Why do the kids have to start picking up tools,from the kids house that we stand in front of to wait for the bus? And literally pick up a pick ax and start hacking at the snow pile.

  • And all these kids are picking away at the snow, flinging ice right in my daughter's face. And when I tell them to stop they look at me like I have two heads?

  • Then when I point blank kind of yell at them to stop they still don't.

  • And Oh yea, one Grandmother does wait down there, and her Grandson is one of the one's doing all this and she doesn't even stop him!

  • And the only reason I have to wait at this bus stop, and not drive my daughter to school is because my husband's car is in the shop and he took my car, so I have no other way to get to school except walk 2 miles, which actually is sounding better and better.

  • Maybe I should call the school about this, even though I know they probably won't even do anything about it!!

Well that's my random thoughts, which I hope isn't too ranting. But that just all came out, because it just happened minutes ago! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That does not sound like a fun bus stop! Maybe calling the school would be a good idea...

    Hope things get better! Happy Random Tuesday!

  2. That sucks so bad. The school won't do anything and the parents obviously don't pay enough attention to notice they have a-holes for kids. Here's hoping the car is fixed soon!

  3. Lord of the Flies, oh dear. It scares me what kids can do when they're unsupervised!

    Glad you could play!

  4. This is the exact reason why I hate other parents and their kids. Not you, of course, since you actually watch your kids. I hope the school can dispense some justice but they probably won't. Happy randomness.

  5. Sucky kids, well, suck! It's aggravating for those of us who choose to care what are kids are doing!

    Nice random vents...I mean thoughts ;P

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Yeah, the bus stop is where kids go to get their street-smarts. It's hard imagine how tough it is when kids are on their own, but at least they can start small and work their way up so they can enter the world with a little less shock.

  7. How awful! That would anger me too. It sounds like those kids need some supervision.

  8. Hi Sue,
    That is terrible how some kids are. I would of been mad too. I feel sorry for your daughter, good thing you were with her. It just does not sound to safe with them flinging ice. Hope your husband's car gets fixed real soon.

  9. Hmmm. I would speak to the parents!