Wednesday, February 11, 2009

School Bus Frustrations

I'm getting frustrated with my daughter's school bus. One day the driver is 15 minutes early, the next day he may be 20 minutes late!

Last week he came 15 minutes early. The bus stop is like two streets down from us, so we have to walk a little to get to it. One day last week we were just out the front door and I could see around the corner that he was already pulling out of the stop. He comes so early! And he doesn't ever wait.

Today was the opposite. He didn't come early, but almost 20 minutes late. I thought he wasn't going to come. And I was getting mad, telling my daughter let's just go back to the house so I can drive you. But of course she's stubborn and won't do anything that the other kids aren't doing. He finally showed up.

And it wouldn't be that big a deal if I had to drive her, regularly. But with my husband taking my car to work and his car sitting in the driveway. I don't really want to have to drive his car, with the "check engine" light flashing.

So I really wish this Bus driver would be more reliable. And don't even get me started on how unreliable he is on the afternoon trips after school. Well February vacation's coming. I won't have to worry about it then. Maybe we should find out about European cruises for our vacation. Just kidding!


  1. that makes me so glad I drive my girl to school!

  2. Hi Sue, That would be upsetting with different times. You would think he would take his job more serious and be more reliable with his pick up schedules. Our bus driver comes about the same time every morning, unless the bus breaks down. We are pretty lucky then.

  3. Can you talk to someone about this? This seems really wrong.