Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Husband's Health

My husband went to get some tests done last week. He had a chest x-ray done, blood tests and even had a stress test done. He was mostly worried about the stress test. But he received the results from that right away. His heart is fine. He passed the stress test no problem. I hope the other tests come out fine too. He will find out the results of those later this week. He is putting a little more thought into his health, because "gasp" he will turn 50 in April.

Now I hope he will consider losing some weight and quit smoking soon! I want him to be around for another 50 yrs! He has been pretty healthy minus a few accidents. About 3 months before our wedding he was in a car accident and broke his arm.

And before I even knew him, he was in a pretty severe motorcyle accident. He was going through an intersection riding a motorcycle and someone ran a red light and plowed right into him. His leg and foot were severely injured. He had surgery and for awhile they really thought he might lose part of his leg, at least from the foot down. Luckily that didn't happen and he was able to keep his foot. His foot and ankle still bother him sometimes, even about 20 yrs after the accident.

He didn't even have good motorcycle accident attorneys. Because he didn't end up getting that much money out of the whole thing. He was out of work for over a year due to it, and could have really used the money. Let's just say he got kind of screwed in the whole thing. But luckily his health is good. And I really hope we get good news from the Doctor later this week. I don't know why I'm so worried about it. I just really wish mostly he would quit smoking!


  1. Hi Sue,
    I hope your husband's health is good. It would be great if he could quit smoking. I don't think 50 is old. Our health is everything for living a long life. Take good care! :-)

  2. Dear Sue,

    Cigarette smoking will eventually affect a person's health. It's just when. I hope that your husband will see the rationale in giving up smoking permanently. Besides, it also burns hard earned money.

    Gosh! I thought that I was accident-prone. Yes, no matter how much the broken bones have mended, it will never be the same. I broke my bone near the knee a few years ago. Now there is a twitching pain and on cold days, the spot hurts a bit.

    I wish all his health test turns out AOK!

    God Bless him and you too!

  3. That was good news about the stress test. Waiting for medical results is always stressful. Just try to be positive until you hear differently. I remember how upset I was when I had to get a second mammogram and then an ultrasound. Of course immediately you think of breast cancer, which I don't need or want! It turned out to be a tiny 15mm structure that is not cancerous but cystic in nature. I have to go and have another one done in June to see if it grew. Until them, I put it out of my mind (until your post reminded me about it, that is).

  4. My father smoked for years. Then one day, he quit cold turkey.

    And even though he had quit smoking for 20 years, it eventually came back to haunt him. He ended up with severe emphysema and was on oxygen the last 8 years of his life.

    He eventually died of cancer, and it was all due to his smoking.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  5. Glad the test you know came back good and hope the other do as well!

    Smoking is so hard to stop. Good luck to him!