Saturday, February 7, 2009

Don't Keep Your Birdseed Inside

I've mentioned before, that I enjoy feeding the birds. I love watching them outside my front window on my bird feeder.

Every time I buy bird seed I am reminded though of something that happened a couple of years ago. I began noticing moths in the kitchen. In my food cabinets! I was very creeped out by it. I cleared out all the cabinets. I threw out any questionable foods. Such as rice, flour, etc. Anything that was open, that I thought they could be coming from.

I did all that, and the moths continued to show up. I was really getting quite disgusted by it, literally. I had no idea where these moths were coming from. I thought maybe we had picked them up on a recent camping trip. Because we will have left over food, and bring it home. I thought maybe they got in with that.

I was really mystified. And then just when I was about to buy some
flour moth traps, I happened to look down into a bag of bird feed, that I kept in my front hall. Inside it was something that still makes me sick just thinking about it, but there was these little white worms crawling around in it. And moths flying around inside it. I guess I hadn't used the bird feed in awhile so, I hadn't looked at it for sometime.

I'm no expert on it, and don't know how common this is. But from that day on, I will never keep bird seed inside my house again. For awhile I even stopped feeding the birds. I started again, but I make sure I keep it outside in a closed container. Just something for you to be aware of!


  1. That does sound quite gross!

    I'm so happy I keep the bird food outside.

  2. Wow, that would be creepy! I've found dog treats too can be a source of a problem. We had some for when my hubby's dog came to visit (we decided to keep him at his parents when we married) - one day I opened the container and it was filled with gross!

  3. Well, I found an old bag of bird food in an old desk we had in the garage. I guess we forgot it was there but the little mouse we caught last week. He had been feasting on this bag of bird food. The desk, mouse and bird food are now gone! Whew! It was suggested to me that I use an old bucket like one from cat food or litter to store the bag of bird food. Good idea, that worked.