Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cool Games at Kids Zone!

MEGA Brands Kids Zone is a great website. They have a great selection of fun games for kids to play.

I was just over at the Kids Zone website. And there are a lot of cool online games to play. There are games such as Neo Shifters Resistance. I played that for a few minutes. You are some kind of robot and you have quests and challenges. And you get to interact with other players. There is chat and buddies. This looked like a game my son would really enjoy playing.

Another game I tried was Magnext Virtual. In this game you also get to interact with other players. You can challenge others to the differnent games, shop, and do a lot of other really cool things in this game.

On Kids Zone there is also games involving quests. Games with battles in them, shooting games, and racing games. There is even a drawing game. I tried the drawing game, and it is really neat. You color pictures on this game and it was like virtual coloring! It was one of the best coloring games I've ever seen. My daughter loves coloring like that. I think she would really love this game.

There is a huge variety of games on Kids Zone that will appeal to kids different interests. If you are looking for some really fun games for your kids to try then I suggest you try Kids Zone. The games are very interesting and Kids Zone is a safe and secure online game site. Play games today!


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  1. I think I played longer than my daughter did! I started coloring my picture and had to make myself stop in order to get some dinner cooked! It was a lot of fun.