Friday, February 20, 2009

Career Day

Remember awhile back, when I said my daughter had to do a project on careers? At the time she had picked a "Fashion Designer." Well she changed her mind since. And the new career she picked was a "Chef."

We made a DVD recording of her pretending she was a chef. First she talked about what it takes to be a chef, and some different information about it. Then she demonstrated how you cook some brownies.

The only problem we had was working the darn DVD camcorder. We bought it for our trip to Disney World and haven't really used it much since. So my husband thought he was working it right. Come to find out after she did her 3 minute spiel on the whole thing, he didn't get any of it on tape!

Needless to say, my daughter proceeded to cry, etc. She had already made the brownies and everything. It was about 7:00 on Saturday night and I ended up having to run to the supermarket to buy another thing of brownie mix.

When I came back my husband had figured out what he did wrong, and was ready to record it the right way. My daughter redid the whole thing from the beginning and it came out great. In the mean time we had two pans of brownies! So this past weekend I tried to resist (as best I could) two pans of brownies and 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Not sure if I succeeded, I may need some weight loss pills soon!

Also maybe I'll try to upload the video she made on here sometime soon.

1 comment:

  1. At least it was a yummy mistake!

    Glad he got it working!