Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Online Dating Service

There's a new online dating service. It's called passion search. On Passion you will be able to meet people who have things in common with you. This online dating service is also free to join, which is cool.

If you're looking to meet someone then check out this online dating website. After asking basic questions like your age, where you live, etc., they will ask you some other interesting questions. Like your qualities, what qualities you are looking for in someone, etc. They also asked fun questions like, "if you won millions in the lottery, what's the first thing you'd do?" And, "if you could have lunch with any person living or dead, who would it be?"

There are more fun questions after that. All to get an idea of what kind of person you are, and what kind of person you would best be matched up with. This is really a different kind of online dating service. They really are interested in matching you up with the right people for you.

So if you are looking to meet that special someone, then why not give Passion Search a try? Go ahead check it out, and don't forget it's free!

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