Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #21 "Things You Shouldn't Say on Valentine's Day"

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Saturday is Valentine's Day. You might want to plan a romantic evening with your special someone. Here's 13 things you shouldn't say to that special someone on Valentine's Day (or probably any other day either.)

Guys shouldn't say to girls:

1. What did you do to your hair?
2. Is it that time of the month?
3. Do you really think you should be eating that?
4. Your acting just like your (fill in with) mother, ex-girlfriend, etc.
5. You're overreacting.
6. You look tired.
7. Your friend is hot.

Girls don't say to the guys:

8. We need to talk.
9. It's just a game.
10. Which outfit do you like better?
11. Do I look fat in this?
12. Nothing's wrong.
13. Do you think she's pretty?

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