Thursday, February 12, 2009

Full From Awards

I received some more awards from some of my favorite blogs. Recently I have received messages saying "I have an award for you." Here are the different awards I have received, in no particular order:

Toni from It is Nap Time gave me this award as a celebration for her Blogaversary:

I also received The Fabulous Award from Toni

Also from Toni & Cascia from Healthy Moms is this award:

Also from Cascia this award:

From Lola at Lola's Diner I received This Award:

And finally from Lydia at On The Verge this award:

Thanks everyone for all the awards. If these awards were cookies, I'd be full from them. And need some weight loss products! I think I'm supposed to pass these along, but I'm also am not good at that. So if you're reading this consider yourself a recipient of these awards!