Friday, February 13, 2009

Free Wide Screen TV?

The other day, I took a walk around my neighborhood. It was so nice out. It reached 60 degrees! Not bad for February. I wish it stayed that way.

But anyway, as I was walking, a house had a sign outside their house. The sign said something like "Free 61 inch HD widescreen TV. Ring bell for details." I did not ring the bell. But told my husband about it when he got home.

He said that is a big TV! And if we ever got one we'd have to get rid of the tv stands/ entertainment center we have. Since that kind of TV won't fit in it. I paid quite a bit of money for my entertainment center a few years back, so I'm unwilling to get rid of it anytime soon.

Plus I'm wondering, why would anyone give away a 61 inch HD TV for Free? If it was me I'd try to sell it. There was probably something wrong with it anyway. So for now I'll stick with my (I think) 24 inch TV.


  1. That story sounds like the old joke where a woman sells her husband's Porsche for $50. They were going through a divorce. I can't imagine why someone would be giving away a 61 inch TV. I would probably ring bell just to find out the detail (I am nosy).