Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts #?


I haven't done one of these for awhile. But thought I could throw together a few thoughts. Um, let's see.

7:43 am:
Number one, I have to continue this later because my daughter wants to get on "Webkinz.com" to check her Webkinz.

8:42 am

Ok, I'm back. My daughter is on her way to school now. Yesterday was the first time in months that she went on Webkinz.com. I think it's because she went back to school yesterday after a weeks vacation. And some kids are really spoiled rotten have a lot of them.

What else is going on? I decided to take the comment challenge by I am Harriet. I'm going to see if I can make 1000 comments in the month of May. Click this cool widget (which I'm going to get on my sidebar soon) to check it out too.

I thought I was doing good, I figured I have left 26 comments so far this month. Then I just looked at her tally and she has left 243! I better get commenting.

And I think I have to lay off the gum. I chew it constantly. And last night I was chewing it and something popped. My tooth hurt for the rest of the night after that. I'm nervous of the filling I have there. How long does a filling last? It's been over 20 years for it. I don't want to go to the Dentist. I am giving up gum, which will be hard.

Well that's it for now. Click on the Random Tuesday thoughts banner above to play along too!


  1. Hey- I just saw someone with over 300 comments!
    Don't worry...tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday :)

    Thanks for taking on the challenge.

  2. My step daughter went through the Webikinz craze last year. (Yes, I know it's Webkinz, I just like to say it that way!) I had to go get a laptop to be able to get on my own computer! Anyways, good luck with the 1000 comments. Feel free to spread some my way!

  3. good luck with your comments. that sounds nuts.

  4. That's a lot of comments! Good luck!

    I've had fillings that have lasted less than 20 years (most of them, in fact) so...I'd get it checked out. Sorry.

  5. I chew gum with Xylitol, which is supposed to help my teeth. (www.epicdental.com)

    If it's a silver filling, I'd get it taken out regardless.

  6. How does one keep track of their comments? I would have to give up the first day since I can't count that high.