Friday, May 29, 2009

Win $1000 In Widget Contest!

I just found this really cool widget for your blog, social networking profile or other website. It is called the Parent's Connect Widget.

This widget is pretty cool too. Your readers can type in their zip code and then find local events or happenings in their area. I just tried it out and found some different things going on at some museums not to far from me. Everything from a science museum to a museum about the British Redcoats. These sound like fun events for the whole family. Also I probably would have never heard of them if I hadn't just used this cool widget.

Try it now by entering your zip code. And you can see what fun events are going on in your area. Also another cool thing about this widget is there is a Widget Contest going on. Just click the Get & Share button on the widget to post it to your web page. Then enter to win $1000! Click the link above and enter your info on the contest page. And the person who has the most impressions from the widget, by November will win $1000. I just entered! You should too, check it out!


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