Friday, May 29, 2009

VGNO! Fun Quizes


I joined Facebook about 6 months ago, but just recently started getting into it. I'm starting to get addicted to some of the apps on there. Like Farm Town, I must grow my farm! I'm constantly checking it.

Another cool thing is I've been able to get in touch with my BFF from college. She sent me a quiz last night. Find out your "celebrity twin." I took the quiz and it said I was most like .... OctoMom! Number one I didn't know she was a celebrity and no way am I like OctoMom! I was hoping for something like Angelina Jolie -lol.

If you're on Facebook check out the quiz here:

Who is your Celebrity Twin?

Here's another quiz from Ann

Use the chart to find which Barbie you are. Use the letter of your first name.

A - D = Sunscreen Barbie

E - H = Lactose Intolerate Barbie

I - L = Migraine Barbie

M - P = Blogger Barbie

Q - T = Mini Van Barbie

U - Z = Bi-Polar Barbie

I would be Mini Van Barbie, which kind of fits since I drive a mini-van. What kind of Barbie are you?

(I just upgraded from Silver Mr. Linky to Gold Mr. Linky for only $1.07. Testing to see if this works now)