Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ready For a Hawaiian Vacation?


Wouldn't you just love to take a vacation in Hawaii? I have always wanted to go there. I thought about going there for my honeymoon, but for some reason we didn't do that. I really wish I had though.

Well if you would love to go there either on a vacation, or even to have your wedding or honeymoon there, now would be a perfect time to do it. Because I also just found out about a terrific place to stay. It is a Maui Resort called Ka'anapali Resort. It is located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, and the Ka'anapali Resort has a lot of fantastic amenities. It would also be a great place for Maui Weddings .

One of the top things to do there of course is swimming. You can either enjoy a swim in the hotel's whale shaped pool or the beautiful ocean. Some other activities to enjoy while there are luaus, helicopter rides, snorkeling, and whale watches, and much more. They also offer some of the best dining experiences. There is a huge variety of restaurants there. You can get everything from the homeland's cuisine, to Chinese, Japanese and a lot of other cuisines.

So if you ever considered taking a vacation in Hawaii, or maybe even plan your wedding or honeymoon there, then you should check out the Ka'anapali Resort. You can even make a reservation online!



  1. it's always good to have a vacation especially in tropical island like hawaii. nice place.

  2. That is my dream trip, but I will never get there because I am scared to fly. TFS

  3. I've stayed at the Kaanapali resort and is beautiful! We are actually moving back to Hawaii in July and I cannot wait!

    I have a link on my blog to win a digital subscription to "Hawaii Magazine". On their website is a chance to win a Hawaii vacation! Check it out!

    Visting and now following from MBC! Have a great weekend!