Sunday, May 17, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I was given the One Lovely Blog Award from Lily's Licorice & Not So Average Mama. Thanks for the award!

Now I am supposed to pass it on to blogs that I have newly discovered. I am going to pass it on to three blogs (bloggers) that have recently been visiting me and I have them. Hope you enjoy your award.

1. Irel @ My Drama
2. Rossel @ Topics on Earth
3. ED Blogger @ Flower Girl, Party, Chinese, and Holiday Dresses


  1. Thank u for the award girl.. posted it already HERE.

  2. Thank you Sue! I'd love to post this on my blog. God bless your family always!

  3. Hi, Sue. I think I've been cross-eyed the past few days so I missed the award. This is quite a late reaction.

    Thank you so much! This blog is so lovely too, the award fits you :-)