Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #24 "Things Mothers Really Want for Mother's Day"

Header by samulli

Here are thirteen things mothers really want for Mother's Day, but probably won't get. I think mothers would like these, at least for one day - on Mother's Day!

1. Sleep. Any kind of sleep. Sleep in, naps, go to bed early.

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2. Somebody else to do the cooking.
3. Somebody else to to the dishes
4. Somebody else to to the laundry
5. Somebody else to to the vacuuming

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6. Somedody else to to the grocery shopping
7. To be able to watch whatever shows they want to watch.
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8. Not to have to entertain the kids.
9. Not to have to make the beds.
10. Not to have to discipline the kids.
11. To have someone else drive the kids to dance class, troop meetings, etc.
12. To have someone else take care of the pets. Feeding, walking, cleaning litterbox, etc.
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13. To basically do nothing for at least one day!

Hope everyone has a happy Mother's Day, no matter what you do or receive!

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