Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Park

While down my mother's last week, we visited the park up at the elementary school. This is actually the elementary school I went to when I was a kid.

They recently redid the playground there. These are some rings, with red ropes to climb on. Not really sure of the point of it.

And the red and blue contraption behind my daughter is something you climb in with a big net in the middle of it.

I ask you: Who the heck designs these things?

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  1. This is something new but I'm sure kids can figure them out easily. Btw, you have a beautiful daughter. :)

    Happy RT!

    Mine is here.

    Thanks for visiting my other blog. :)

  2. How wonderful that they go to the elementary school that you went to when you were a little gir!

  3. actually no. they don't go to this school. we were just visiting my mother who still lives in the same house I did when I was little, so the elementary school up the street from her is the one I used to go to.

  4. Well those rings certainly would be more fun in they weren't tied down so you could swing on them. But that would probably be too dangerous. They took out all the playground equipment at our school because it was dangerous. What? Slides and swings are dangerous. That blue and red contraption looks like a "safe" play set designed by someone who thinks swings are dangerous.

  5. Looks like a fun park to play at. I wish we had more parks in our area. We live way out in the country, so city parks are hard to come by. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my place.

  6. Hi Sue,
    Neat that you visited your elementary school, when you were a kid. This park still looks like a lot of fun for kids. My kids would really like the red and blue contraption to climb through. Cute pictures of your daughter. :-)

  7. It just looks like an accident waiting to happen!

  8. I agree with Trish I don't feel safe with those...but I wouldn't really know since I was not really there :)