Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #25 "Pageant Moms"

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This post is in no way to put down "Pageant Moms," it is just after a brief taste of what it might be like, I realized I could never be one.

That being said let me explain a little. My daughter takes dance lessons. Last Saturday was "picture day." So it was quite the ordeal getting ready. We will have to do it all again next month for the actual "recital."

So here is 13 reasons I found out why I could not or do not want to be a "Pageant Mom."

1. I found out I'm no good at putting makeup on other people.

2. I don't even own that much makeup! I had to go out and buy at least $25.00 worth of makeup for her to use.

3. I don't really want my 9 yr. old wearing all that makeup.

4. I'm no good at fixing hair into hairdos. Other years she had to wear more elaborate hairdos - this yr. it's just two pigtails - and I can barely manage that.

5. Too time consuming. Just to get ready and actually get the picture taken took almost 4 hours.

6. Too stressful. It is nerve racking trying to get ready on time & get everything just right.

7. Dealing with delays. They told us to be there 10-15 min. before our scheduled time, and that they wouldn't wait for anyone, and everything would run on time. - Not true - Everything was delayed by at least a half an hour or more!

8. Dealing with the other parents. From mother's yelling at their kids not to do this and do that, to Dad's getting very huffy because we had to wait around so long.

9. Too much commotion. Kids, parents and people who work there running around trying to get ready, etc.

10. To much confusion. Not knowing if you have their hair, make-up and costume on the right way.

11. Too much money. I won't tell you how much I spent on this class. But between the money for the class, the costume (which is an outrageous amount for these costumes - that they only wear like 2 times!), makeup, hair stuff, and these pictures - it's expensive. I can't imagine how much money real pageants must cost.

12. No information. Although the dance place she's going to is nice, and she likes it, they are lacking on info. Any info you get from them regarding the class, pictures or even the recital coming up, is like pulling teeth!

13. And the number one reason I wouldn't ever want to be a Pageant Mom, is I had a splitting headache by the time it was all done!

With all that being said, my daughter looked so cute in this outfit and I think these pictures are going to come out great! I'll be posting them as soon as I can!

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**Update** After reading the comments, just wanted to say. Please take this somewhat in jest. Regularly we just go to the class and she dances there is no problem. This is just an occurrence that happens at picture time and the recital.