Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bee Well Miles - Get Walking!

Remember about a month ago I posted about joining BeeWell Miles ? Well if you don't let me just refresh your memory a little.

Bee Well Miles is a program from Bumble Bee Foods. Between now and October 31, 2009 they will donate $0.15 for every mile you walk or run. It's free to sign up at Bee Well Miles and the proceeds will go to the charity, Breast Cancer Network of Strength . Which helps provide emotional support to those with Breast Cancer.

Last month I talked about how I had received a pedometer. I have been calculating my miles and so far I have logged in 36 miles. Which has raised $5.40 towards the charity. I probably could be doing better at this, and I am really going to try to log in some more miles!

You also can win some prizes by logging in your miles. If you log in your miles from walking or pink Bumble Bee cans you can instantly win one of 15,000 prizes. This actually happened to me, one day when I was logging in some miles, I won a prize. I won a free download of a song. They gave me a code to enter into a website, and I was able to download a song! How cool is that?

So go check out Bee Well miles! You can find a lot of cool stuff on the website and you can walk to make a difference.

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