Monday, September 15, 2008

Freezing Zucchini

I'm very disappointed in my vegetable garden this summer. I planted 9 tomato plants, 3 cherry tomato plants and I guess it was 6 zucchini plants. As I stated in a previous post, (read Here for that and for my zucchini bread recipe) we had a lot of rain this summer. So I think I got out of all those plants 5 tomatoes, and they were really small ones. And a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes. Other years I had so many tomatoes I couldn't keep up with them. Which was great I would be able to make sauce and even freeze some of it. Other years I had so many cherry tomatoes I was giving them away to the neighbors. Oh well, this summer was a bust for the tomatoes.

But I managed to get a reasonable amount of zucchini out of the garden. I think I had maybe about 14 or 15 zucchini that managed to grow this summer. I made some zucchini bread with some of the zucchini. But the problem with zucchini, just like all vegetables is that by the end of the summer you have a bunch of them all at once. I had them all in the refrigerator, but they wouldn't last to long in their. So I decided to freeze them.

I'm just using them for zucchini bread. So what I did was shred it, measuring 2 cups at a time. And then putting them into ziploc baggies. Because it takes 2 cups of shredded zucchini to make a batch of the zucchini bread. (this will actually make 2 loaves of bread) So I figured when I want to make some zucchini bread, all I have to do is grab a bag of the frozen zucchini and I can make some bread. I tried it last week with one of the frozen bags of zucchini, and the bread came out great. I hope it will stay good frozen for the rest of the winter, because with what I froze I will be able to make about 14 loaves of zucchini bread!

Here's a few pictures of the shredding and the bags of zucchini:

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  1. oh no the weather always seems to ruin everything. at least you got quite a bit of zucchini out of it though ;)

  2. I had gardening woes this year too :(

    Our problem was not enough rain when the growing season started. Then it was bugs, blight, rabbits & deer.

    I did manage to get a nice amount of tomatoes, green beans and potatoes after the struggles :)

    I did start freezing my over-ripe bananas like you suggested. It's time for banana bread!

  3. Nice! I hesitated to freeze the shredded zukes because I didn't know how they'd do in baking, but I will definitely break out my grater now!

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. Also don't be surprised when you go to use it if it's a little watery. I put it in the bread mix and was nervous at first because it was somewhat watery. But the bread turned out fine.

  5. hehehe i sometimes dislike that!:(

    happy monday!:)

  6. I do that with extra zucchini too. I also use it in soups during the winter - it adds another little bit of nutrition without an overwhelming flavor or texture, so you can add it to lots of different types of soup.

  7. Thanks for the tip Catherine. I'll try it in soup sometime.