Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Trip To York Beach

As promised here's a quick synopsis of my recent trip to York Beach, Maine. We left Sunday of Labor Day weekend about 9:00 am. There wasn't much traffic as most people had already left for the weekend, either Friday or Saturday. We went directly to the Beach.

The beach was mobbed! We could barely find a parking space. The thing about York Beach is you have to park along the one side of the road. It is meter parking. So you have to feed the meter with quarters. Which ends up being somewhat of a pain.(If you go there make sure you bring lots of quarters!) There are a few places that charge like $10.00 to park for the day, but even those were full. My husband actually dropped us off with all our stuff, and then proceeded to find a parking spot, way up the beach.

It was a beautiful, sunny day! The day we have been waiting for all summer! It was nicer Sunday and Monday then most of the days this summer! It was high 80's both days.

We stayed at the Best Western York Inn. It was pretty nice. The room was pretty big. With a refrigerator, which would come in handy if we stayed longer. They also had an indoor pool that was pretty nice. The kids got some use out of it both days. I even went in, since it was heated. Also we had the whole pool to ourselves both times, which was cool! No one else was even using it. They even have a Continental Breakfast, which was pretty good. It came included, so that was cool, we didn't have to worry about buying breakfast. The kids enjoyed it. They had everything from bagels, muffins, english muffins, etc.

Monday we got to the beach a little after 9 am and got a good parking spot! It didn't seem as crowded either, most people I think were leaving early and maybe not going to the beach. We spent about 5 hours that day at the beach. The kids really liked it. We haven't gone to the ocean much, we usually always go to fresh water. So it was something new.

My son had a "Skim Board," from before. Which is a board you throw in the edge of the water and then "skim" across. The first day we got there we saw a lot of people with "Boogie Boards." He really wanted one, so we broke down and got him one. The kid is a natural! He was riding the waves like an expert in no time!

We had such a great time, we really want to go again next year. Maybe for at least 4 to 5 days. I hope we could get some where to stay though, that isn't to expensive. I'll have to look around. Hopefully we can go back, since the kids really loved the Ocean.

Here's a couple more pictures. (see the one I posted yesterday here)

"Boogie Boarding"

"Making a Sand Castle"

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