Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 7 "13 Things Moms Feel Guilty About"

Here's 13 Things Moms Can feel guilty about. Or at least I know it's things I have felt guilty about at times. Sometimes it's the silly, little things that you can feel guilty about.

1.... Sending your kids to school without a jacket.
2....Not having what they want for breakfast - be it waffles, pancakes, bagel, because you ran out of it, etc.
3...Making something they don't like for supper.
4...Having them wear shorts to school, when you get to the bus all the other kids have on pants. Then you worry if they'll be warm enough.
5...Not letting them go to EVERY birthday party they're invited to. (there's just too many)
6....Not having exactly what they want for their snack for school.
7....Yelling at them just because Your in a bad mood.
8....Not washing their favorite outfit in time to wear to school.
9....Not buying Every Toy they want.
10.. Not playing with them enough.
11.. Not talking to them enough.
12..Not listening to them enough.
13..Making them go to bed early, or even letting them stay up to late.

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