Monday, September 29, 2008

A Very Rainy Weekend

It was a very rainy weekend here in New Hampshire. It rained Friday through Sunday. Here's some highlights from my weekend:

Friday: Rained all day. My son stayed home sick from school. When my husband got home from work I went to the grocery store. Not fun in the pouring rain. Woohoo, exciting.
Saturday: Rained all day. The only thing we did outside the house was take my daughter to her panio lessons. Played some games with my daughter, like Sorry, some card games, and even tried Scrabble. Which was kind of cool, playing that with my 8 yr. old daughter. (We still haven't finished the whole game yet.) Even played some Cribbage with my husband. We literally haven't played that in at least a year.
Sunday: Rained off and on all day. Sick of staying in the house so even though it was raining decided to see if a little fall fair was still going on at a place we like to go walking at. Got there around 1 and it was still going on. Saw a live bird show. They had a group that saves injured birds there. Which was neat. They had some owls, and different kinds of hawks. Took some pictures, didn't look at them yet. My son took some, just looked at them and he deleted them! He didn't save any of the pictures he took.

And of course watched the Red Sox - Yankees games. Which they didn't really matter much, because The Red Sox already are in the playoffs and the Yankees aren't.The Red Sox won last nights game. And the Yankees won the other two. So we didn't get swept. Now on to The Playoffs!!

So that was my exciting boring weekend. Hope you had a good weekend.


  1. We so desperately need rain it is hard to feel sorry for you. :) However, I do hate when it rains for days on end and you have things you need to do like grocery shop. I always have the fear that as I am scurrying into the grocery I will slip and fall on the wet pavement!!!

    Hope you have a great and dry week!

  2. I like playing games. Wish I had more time to do it! My mom and I used to play a lot, all kinds. She usually won scrabble but since I wasn't much of a challenge for her, she didn't really consider it a win unless she scored at least 300. She did share with me her strategy though. We also played cards, cribbage and others too.

    I liked my weekend even though we mostly ran errands and went to church, watched football and did some blogging. Oh, and I got my pictures hung up in our remodeled basement! Yippee!