Friday, September 5, 2008

Buy a Cabin Cuddler & Don't Be Left In the Cold


It was recently reported that some airlines will no longer give out complimentary blankets and pillows. If you do happen to find one, it probably has been used by a lot of other people. And may not be that sanitary.

If you travel on airlines, why not come prepared? You can carry your own pillow and blanket. The Cabin Cuddler is a hygienic and comfortable travel blanket for your own personal use.

If you've ever been on an airplane then you know how cold it can be sometimes. The airplane will usually have the air conditioning on, and often passengers are dressed lightly. If it's hot out or your traveling to a destination that is hot, you might be wearing summer clothes. But as soon as you get going on the plane, you realize you're cold! This blanket could really come in handy in those situations.

Some other uses for the Cabin Cuddler is if your plane has a delay of any kind. You could be stuck at the airport for awhile. You might want to rest while waiting, and a blanket and pillow would be nice to have. Another use for the Cabin Cuddler is at your desk at work. If you work where they keep the air conditioning on high, and you're cold then it would be great to have a blanket to keep at your desk.

Some of the features of the Cabin Cuddler are:

  • Comes with it's own inflatable pillow
  • Patented pocket always keeps your feet warm
  • Contour cut of the blanket covers every inch of your body
  • Tote bag turns into your own personal hygienic pillow case
So if you're planning on traveling or get cold at work then buy a Cabin Cuddler, and don't be left out in the cold!

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