Friday, September 26, 2008


As you know by know I love the Boston Red Sox. I found a great website with all kinds of sports videos on it. Below you can see the sports vids that I uploaded onto my blog.

The website is SportsVids. It's an online sport video website. Where you can view and upload all your favorite sports clips.

The first video I uploaded was Red Sox vs. Yankees. The Red Sox hit four home runs in a row. I remember that game. That was awesome!

The other sports videos I uploaded are all blooper videos. There is nothing funnier then blooper videos. And sports have a lot of bloopers. These videos are a riot!

On the Sports Vids website you can view sports clips from every sport. From baseball, skiing, to cheerleading. And every sport in between. They also have sport clips from all different levels, from amateur to professional. If you want to upload your own sports videos and put them on your site or share them with your friends, then visit the website SportsVids.

Red Sox Hit 4 HomeRuns in Row vs Yankees - Click here for more sports videos

Hockey Bloopers - Click here for more sports videos

Randy Johnson hits bird - Click here for more sports videos

Funny Soccer Montage - Click here for more sports videos

Sports Bloopers - Click here for more sports videos


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