Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Don't Be Afraid to Eat Your Veggies, Part II

As promised here's Part II. Read Part I Here if you like.

Another vegetable that has gotten a bad rap recently is carrots. The myth that low-carb diets have perpetuated is that carrots are loaded with sugar. The fact is that one cup of chopped raw carrots contain just 52 calories and only 12 g of carbs. Half of the carbs are from natural sugar. The rest are from heart- healthy fiber and complex carbohydrates.

The sugar in carrots are fewer than you would get in a cup of milk or a piece of fruit. Plus they're packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. And of course you know they are good for your eyes, that is a fact! They're also beneficial in the fight against colon cancer. So eat your carrots!

Another veggie that has a bad reputation is celery. The myth around celery is it's just water. But this veggie has disease preventing vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Celery is great for keeping your blood pressure down, it contains a phytochemical that protects against cancer, and it helps you stay slim. Celery can satisfy your urge to munch on less healthy snacks!

And the last vegetable I want to talk about is corn. Corn over the years has been fighting the myth that it is nothing more than carbs. Of course corn has carbs, but they're the best kind! High quality complex carbs. Corn also is loaded with fiber (one ear has 15% of your daily fiber.) Studies have shown that corn is also good for your heart, by containing folate. Which is a B-vitamin that is good for your heart. Corn also gives you energy from a mineral called thiamin. Like carrots, corn has also been proven to be good for your vision.

So as you can see don't believe the myths when it comes to these veggies! The health benefits from these vegetables is a fact!

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