Saturday, September 20, 2008

Antipoleez Gets Rid of Bad Breath


Unfortunately some members of my family smoke. With smoking usually comes bad breath. Regular gum and mints only mask the odor, and doesn't always do much to help.

Now there is a a new hard lozenge called antipoleez, that eliminates odors. Antipoleez doesn't just mask odors with a fruity smell, like gum does. But it works by totally eliminating bad breath from smoking, alcohol, or food. And it doesn't leave any other odor in its place. It also doesn't contain any chemicals, or artifical flavors, but only natural ingredients. It complies with FDA regulations.

So if you have bad breath from smoking, alcohol, or that tuna sandwich you ate for lunch. Then try Antipoleez. Maybe I should get some for those members of my family who smoke.

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