Friday, September 5, 2008

Upgrading Cell Phones

Yea, I'm excited! I just updated my husband's and my cell phones. Both of our batteries keep dying (especially my husbands), so it's cheaper to get new phones than buy a new battery.

Our phones were due (actually overdue) for upgrades, so I figured might as well get new phones. Verizon has the "new every 2 deal." So both the phones are actually like at least 3 years old. So I'm getting two new phones for free!

The one I'm getting is a Motorola Moto in purple! I love purple. It comes with some cool features, and a better camera then my other one. It's valued at $139.99, and I'm getting it free (of course with renewal of 2 yr. contract.) Here's a picture of mine.

My husband is getting a LG VX5400? Priced at 99.99. Free! Here's my husbands:

So if you need a new battery for your cell phone look to see if it's time to upgrade. It's cheaper in the long run. Because I think they want almost $40.00 for a battery. So I'm getting that and two cool new phones for Free!


  1. I love when it is upgrade time!!! Enjoy your phone!!!

  2. I just passed on an upgrade option from Sprint because it would cost me more money. We just got our cell phones last Christmas so didn't think an upgrade was really necessary. I like that purple one though! We don't really use ours much. Just to call each other mostly when one is out.

  3. I like the New Every 2 plan with Verizon. It makes it easier to keep up with technology too. I find that as cell phones age, besides the battery going bad, they don't seem to get as good of reception.

  4. I have to tell you that I have the purple Motorola and I LOVE IT!!! I thought I'd get sick of it being purple but, nope. It's still cool. ;)