Friday, September 5, 2008

Upgrading Cell Phones

Yea, I'm excited! I just updated my husband's and my cell phones. Both of our batteries keep dying (especially my husbands), so it's cheaper to get new phones than buy a new battery.

Our phones were due (actually overdue) for upgrades, so I figured might as well get new phones. Verizon has the "new every 2 deal." So both the phones are actually like at least 3 years old. So I'm getting two new phones for free!

The one I'm getting is a Motorola Moto in purple! I love purple. It comes with some cool features, and a better camera then my other one. It's valued at $139.99, and I'm getting it free (of course with renewal of 2 yr. contract.) Here's a picture of mine.

My husband is getting a LG VX5400? Priced at 99.99. Free! Here's my husbands:

So if you need a new battery for your cell phone look to see if it's time to upgrade. It's cheaper in the long run. Because I think they want almost $40.00 for a battery. So I'm getting that and two cool new phones for Free!