Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts #7


I'm past due for an annual check up. But the last Dr. I went to has since left that practice to go to another one. I didn't really like her anyway. But now I have to go through the whole process of finding another one. (or I may check this practice to see if I can just go there but see a different Dr.) But I really only like to see female doctors, so unless there is another female there, I don't want to go back there.

I'm also due for a mammogram but I don't have a Dr. So I'm not sure if I can just get it done anyway, or if I should get a Dr. first. What a pain!

There is a possibility of me getting a job where my husband works. There may be a job opening up sometime in the near future where he works and I may be able to get the job. He gave them my resume and as soon as they want to fill this position, I may be called in for an interview.

I'm somewhat nervous about the whole thing. Since I only worked a couple of years ago at some of the schools around here, but other then that haven't had a real job since before my son was born - 13 yrs ago!

The hours seem kind of a pain, 4-7:30 pm. But also good in a way, because my husband will be home to watch the kids, while I go to work. And the extra money will also really help. We'll see what happens.

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  1. ugh, doctors, what a pain is right; life is random, and I like it that way:) Good luck and what ever you choose:)

  2. I'm afraid of the mammogram thing, but I know my time is coming...since I'm turning 39 Saturday. I am way overdue for a haircut for the same reasons you mentioned. I lost mine and now I can't find a new one, so I just put it off...