Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do You Deserve A Trick Or A Treat?

Trick Or Treat Me is a great campaign going on now by Tetra Pak. They have a great blog that has tips on keeping kids healthy.

They are providing advice on how to give kids healthy choices during this Halloween time. And really any time of the year. I was reading some great tips on there for kids lunches. These would come in handy for my daughter when she brings lunch to school.

There is a fun app you can try called Trick Or Treat Me on Twitter. You can either send a trick or a treat to your friends on Twitter. And the nice thing about it is that for every trick or treat you send Tetra Pak will donate 10 cents to the World Wildlife Fund for every one sent. I tried this out and it was fun. I sent a couple of tricks to people on Twitter. Check it out for yourself!

Also on the blog is the "milk box" campaign which also benefits the World Wildlife Fund. And also helps support the environment. Because milk in shelf stable Tetra Pak cartons make a great choice for Halloween treats. And they are made by Organic Valley and Hershey's you know you can trust them. And they stay fresh for months before use with no refrigeration.

So check out the Trick or Treat Me blog, it's really fun. And you will get great tips and have fun on Twitter and many more fun things await you there.

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