Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't Try This At Home - truTV

The above video is from truTV. Watch the truTV video and see if you don't get a reaction from it.

You should really watch truTV with caution. That's because the stories are real and the effect is actual. When I watched the above clip, my first reaction was "what the heck was that guy thinking?" Then I thought "don't try this at home."

I really love the show The Smoking Gun Presents on truTV. I love it because when I watch it I always crack up at what people do. I can not believe how crazy some people are and what crazy things they will do.

My reaction is always: "how dumb are these people?" I also love the celebrity hosts on the show. They give critiques on the videos. My son likes this show too, and we always laugh at the silly things people do on this show. He also really likes what the celebrities have to say about it.

This particular video is a riot. People decide to luge down a huge concrete hill! Then the guy crashes going super fast at the end. He ends up taken away on a stretcher. I love when one of the celebrities says "this is a sport I hope doesn't catch on." Too funny!

Check out truTV for yourself, and see if it doesn't cause you to react somehow!



  1. Ugh. I can't even watch that without feeling terrified! I can't imagine actually doing it.

  2. Wow. I guess that is the first thing that came to my mind. Are they replaying for caution or entertainment?