Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thrirteen #29

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It seems as if that more and more children are developing peanut allergies. I don't know many facts on the problem or why this is occurring. But all I know is that it seems as if this is becoming more and more of a phenomenon.

When my son started school 8 years ago, there was no talk at his school about peanut allergies. Now that my daughter is at the same school there seems as if a lot of kids have it. They require a special table at lunch time and anyone sitting with them has to have peanut free meals. Snack time is also a concern and they want children to bring in peanut free snacks, so that their friends with allergies are not at risk.

Here is some suggestions my daughter's school passed out for Peanut Free Snacks:

1. Teddy Grahams, all varieties
2. Pepperidge Farms goldfish, all varieties
3. Honey Maid Graham Crackers
4. Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats
5. Nabisco Wheat Thins
6. Cheese sticks
7. Smartfood popcorn
8. Cheez-its
9. Ritz crackers
10. Bugles
11. Doritos
12. Fruit Roll-ups
13. Pop-tarts


  1. At my son's elementary school, the kids who bring something with nuts or peanut butter, have to sit at a special table. So for snack, we stick with the chocolate teddy grahams, grapes and spongebob animal crackers.

  2. I've seen it become more and more common that they aren't allowing peanuts in any school or even church building!

    I couldn't live without peanut butter!

  3. Timely practical topic ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. I've heard those peanut allergies can be real bad. Apparently simply being near by when someone opens a package of peanuts is enough to send some people into shock.

  5. i don't know...i have heard about these allergies a lot in states....ppl have allergies from peanut, milk....almost from everything.....hope it gets better


  6. At my daughter's old school children with allergies were separated at lunch time and at snack time if need be. There was also no sharing of food under any circumstances and all party food had to be store bought with a full list of ingredients.

  7. My cousin's firstborn had severe peanut allergies and claimed she ate a ton of peanut butter during her pregnancy. For some reason her doctor suggested she not eat peanuts or peanut butter during her subsequent pregnancies...but he could have told her that to placate her since I know she was SURE that was the cause!

  8. I'm so happy no one in my family is allergic to peanuts... there's nothing better than a good pb & j. I feel bad for those kids who are missing out due to allergies.