Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lose The Ugly

Do you want a chance at winning a brand new LG Bliss phone? Well all you have to do is lose your ugly and find your bliss.

How do you do that you ask? Well between September 11 until November 6 you can upload pictures on the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page. Users can upload any pictures or videos they consider ugly and want to lose. The uglier the better.

You should really head over to the LG Bliss Facebook Fan page to see what some people have already posted on there. There are some real ugly dogs and some other stuff on their. When you upload your ugly stuff, you will be entered to win a new LG Bliss phone. The grand prize is an LG Bliss and the secondary prize is a $50.00 gift card towards your own Bliss. There will be 5 grand prize winners and fifty secondary winners. You must also be 18 years old to enter. Also one entry per Facebook account is allowed.

Some suggestions for ugly pictures or videos could include things such as ugly fashions, ugly wonders you find in nature - like an ugly tree. You could post that ugly car of yours you want to lose or even any ugly machines or electronics rusting in your backyard. Use your imagination, just make sure it's ugly!