Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ruby Tuesday #6

These bushes actually belong to someone at the end of my street. I have always loved these. An older couple who used to live there, were very meticulous in taking care of them and cutting them back before winter.

Someone else lives there now and doesn't seem to take as good care of them, but they still seem to be doing ok. I have no idea once again what kind of bush or flower these are. But what I really find cool about them is that in the spring and summer they are white. Then in the fall they turn a ruby red and pinkish color.




  1. This is stunning!!! So heavy with blossom...beautiful.

    My RT is posted, I do hope you can find some time to visit---------

  2. Happy Ruby Tuesday.Love those bushes.

  3. I love these bushes all though I had never seen one in that color normally blue and white around here