Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ruby Tuesday #11

Today my husband took down my clothes line for the winter. I will restart hanging clothes out again in the spring.

It reminded me of a picture I had taken a few months ago. When I was hanging up a load of our clothes, I noticed how many red articles of clothing we had.


ruby-slippers-door-stop copy


  1. Great Pic ! I love clothes line pics. 8~)

  2. I love the fresh smell of clothes dried on the line! Reminds me of being a kid and running in and out of the hanging laundry.

  3. Last night got kinda chilly so i ran a 100ft extension cord out to Bo's (our dog) 8x10 house and plugged in his heat lamp. (He has it Really Good in there.) Barbie doesn't like for the cord to run across the ground so it runs up and over the "clothes line". Not very pretty but, as long as she's happy, and the dog is happy, then i'm happy. ~Ken :)