Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dr. Dermal Acne Products

My son just had his school picture taken last week. And there was an option to have it retouched. You know to have the acne and blemishes removed from his picture.

I debated on weather to have this done or not. He is 13 now and does have a slight acne problem. I didn't end up having that done on his pictures but it made me think that it might be time to look into some acne products for him.

I found out about a new acne range of products called Dr. Dermal. These are the best acne products,because they are naturally based products. And they have no side effects like some other acne care products. They do not cause irritation, such as dryness, irritation sensitivity, solar irritation and interaction with other drugs. I really love the fact that Dr. Dermal products are side effect free.

When looking for products for my son, I want something that is natural. And I like the fact that Dr. Dermal has a unique holistic skin care approach to curing acne. And that they have proven ingredients to help combat acne, while maintaining and improving the quality of skin.

Their active ingredient,, which is a patented molecule developed in France. It is composed of extracts from the Olive tree, purified plant lignin, and a unique osmotic gel that modifies the free water potential of the skin cells to interfere with the conditions required for bacteria growth.

So if you are looking for acne products for yourself or your teenager (like my son) then check out Dr. Dermal and their website for more information. They are also dermatologist endorsed!

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